Rsync on 3 places

Michael Reynolds neufurth_bernd at
Wed Oct 10 17:49:42 GMT 2007

Hi all,

I'm newbie with rsync so I would like to ask more
experienced users for help. I have following task:

I have 3 places (A,B and C). Place A is "main" place.
I want to use rsync to synchronize all data from place
A to places B and C (only one-way from A to B and C).
I tried to write simple command but it looks bad. Just
for imagination place A have over 50 GB of data. I
know the "first" synchronization will take long time
but I want to be sure the next synchronization will
synchronize only modified files. I thought about
possibility build list of files on each places locally
and than just exchange differences but it looks too
complicated for me. Can you please just navigate me
someone to correct way ? I know I can do this by
trial/fault by I rather ask someone who have more
experience. Thanks in advance.

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