cygwin rsync windows to windows ACL problem

Matt McCutchen hashproduct+rsync at
Tue Oct 2 02:09:42 GMT 2007

On 10/1/07, Steve Radich <stever at> wrote:
> Wouldn't robocopy better serve these EXACT needs? It doesn't handle
> partial file transfers, but neither will rsync given that you are
> running it only on one end - I.e. to calculate the crc to compare the
> files contents it would have to read the whole file, then transfer back
> the changes - That would be SLOWER than just transferring the whole file
> (assuming symmetrical speed).
> Running rsync on both sides it should be dramatically faster *IF* there
> are several large files. If all small files and often changing then
> robocopy may be just about the same.


Havoc, if the speed benefit of delta transfers is not a priority, I
would recommend that you just use robocopy.  Otherwise, you could use
rsync on both sides in combination with robocopy to copy ownership, or
if you want to use rsync by itself, we can try to get the ownership
preservation to work.


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