Syncing to multiple servers

Fabian Cenedese Cenedese at
Tue Nov 27 13:06:12 GMT 2007

At 14:46 27.11.2007 +0200, Pournaris Charalampos wrote:
>Is there a way to send first to Server2 from Server1 and after the rsync is finished to start syncing from Server2 to Server3 extacly the same files with the same options ?
>I tried the post-xfer exec and pre-xfer exec options in the rsyncd.conf file but there is no way to get the original sync folder (/home/./bigfile.big in the following example).
>Server1: rsync -avzR /home/./bigfile.big  Server2::home --progress --delete
>.... Syncing ......
>Sync done, start internal  (lan) sync: Server2:  rsync -avzR /home/./bigfile.big  Server3::home --progress --delete

Just thinking, I haven't tried this. You can specify the binary that is called
on the remote side if you go with SSH. Like that you could create a
script file that syncs from 2 to 3 and call that from 1 after you have finished
synching from 1 to 2. The script itself sits and runs on 2.
If 3 is a mirror of 2 you don't need exactly the same options as you used
for synching from 1 to 2, just create an exact copy (-a --delete etc).

bye   Fabi

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