Number of Files Transferred Seems Wrong

Jon jon at
Tue Nov 27 14:11:04 GMT 2007

Hi All,

This is a continuation of a thread I started some time ago at

The first occurrence of this problem seems to have just gone away and
all was good for a week or so. I have now seen this same behaviour
again, though.

I'm not sure where the logs went so sadly I cannot provide output from
rsync, but the problem is roughly the same as before in that the
'Number of files trasferred" entry provided by the --stats switch is

During testing, I completely removed everything from my testing dir
and then ran an rsync into it from another directory on the same
machine into this directory. When the transfer was complete, I had the
entire /etc /var and /root dirs in my testing directory and the file
space totalled a little over 1GB. The report generated by the --stats
switch showed something like 35,000 files as the "Number of files" but
only 2 were indicated as transferred under the "Number of files
transferred" item of the same report.

I know this number is wrong as there was nothing in my testing dir and
now there are the entire contents of the /etc, /var and /root dir, but
I don't know why the Number of files transferred is incorrect.

Can someone shed some light for me on exactly how the 'Number of files
transferred' number is arrived at? Perhaps it's not at cut and dried
as I think.



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