2.6.9 w/ acl, xattr, and fake-super support?

Wesley W. Terpstra wesley at terpstra.ca
Fri Nov 16 10:45:07 GMT 2007

On Nov 16, 2007, at 10:08 AM, Daniel Maher wrote:
> Thank you for your reply.  My exact sequence is as follows:
> $ tar -xzf rsync-2.6.9.tar.gz
> $ cd rsync-2.6.9
> $ patch -p1 < patches/acls.diff
> $ patch -p1 < patches/xattrs.diff
> $ patch -p1 < patches/fake-super.diff

Ok. I see now what's wrong. Somehow parts of the xattr patch are also  
in the fake-super patch. At any rate, the config.h.in and configure  
are both auto generated. Just run:
to create clean versions of them. The rsync.1 is just the manpage.  
You can probably live without it.

The only "problem file" is then the proto.h. However, a quick  
inspection shows that you just need to add the lines:
+ int get_stat_xattr(const char *fname, int fd, STRUCT_STAT *fst,  
+ int set_stat_xattr(const char *fname, struct file_struct *file);
+ int x_stat(const char *fname, STRUCT_STAT *fst, STRUCT_STAT *xst);
+ int x_lstat(const char *fname, STRUCT_STAT *fst, STRUCT_STAT *xst);
+ int x_fstat(int fd, STRUCT_STAT *fst, STRUCT_STAT *xst);

I suspect the problem is that proto.h and rsync.1 are also both auto- 
generated. Whoever prepared the patch probably just forgot to  
recreate these files between patches when creating the fake-super.patch.

When I compile after adding these lines,
	./configure --enable-xattr-support --enable-acl-support
I get (on osx) a few unused variable warnings (which I confirmed are  
harmless), some minor signedness warnings (again harmless), and an  
uninitialized variable (which only occurs in an error case where the  
program quits).

I worry, though, that this won't solve your problem:
> Internal error: wrong write used in receiver.
> rsync error: protocol incompatibility (code 2) at io.c(1204)
> [generator=2.6.9]

The missing prototypes should only matter on non-intel machines. I'd  
give you the copy of 2.6.9 which I was using, but I deleted it when  
3.0.0pre1 came out. :-( Just to make sure: you have the same patched  
rsync on both sender and receiver, right? If you use -X or -A they  
must match.

Also, if you are using osx (not linux), you must NOT enable acl  
support. eg:
	./configure --enable-xattr-support
Prior to v3, ACL support did not exist on osx. Even though the patch  
is applied, you still don't enable it.

Hope this helps!

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