Using --remove-source-files with backup?

ScottZ mylists at
Mon May 7 05:40:36 GMT 2007

Many, Many Thanks for this Matt!

Seems to be working great so far.

Just one question though.

My initial tests with --backup-dir and -b had just the file being backed up to the specified dir.

With --source-backup the tree structure of the original source file is also being included in the --backup-dir directory.

rsync --remove-source-files --source-backup --backup-dir=/arc -av /home/dir/file remotehost:/dir/file

results in the backup file being put in /arc/home/dir/file instead of /arc/file.

It isn't a problem for me as my tree structure is limited to just a couple of directories, but could be a problem for those with a deeper one.  

Or am I not specifying something correctly?

Again, many thanks for this.


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> Subject: Re: Using --remove-source-files with backup?
> From: "Matt McCutchen" <hashproduct+rsync at>
> Date: Sun, May 06, 2007 6:38 am
> To: ScottZ <mylists at>
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> On 5/6/07, Matt McCutchen <hashproduct+rsync at> wrote:
> > The attached patch to rsync 2.6.9 adds a --source-backup
> > option that backs up removed source files.
> Oops, I made a typo in the addition to the man page.  The fixed patch
> is attached.
> Matt

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