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Peter Matulis pmatulis at
Mon Jan 29 05:26:09 GMT 2007

Le Lundi 29 Janvier 2007 00:08, Preeti Joshi a écrit :
> Hi,
> I am using rsync-2.5.5 on power pc system. It is an embedded system
> with very low memory few MBs. Most of the time only 4-5 MB memory is
> free (as shown using free command). I have an application that
> periodically (every 20 sec) fires rsync command from system command
> i.e. system ("rsync..") to a remote m/c connected to it. The data I
> have to rsync has hardly 60 files with total size of 4MB.
> My problem is that even with this short file list and such small
> sized files, system leads to OUT OF MEMORY error within 2 hours
> killing my application and many other applications!
> Is there any solution? Should I look for some other tool which is
> equivalent for rsync but can be used for such small optimized
> transfers?

Why not just copy the files over?


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