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Preeti Joshi preetijoshi79 at
Mon Jan 29 05:08:24 GMT 2007


I am using rsync-2.5.5 on power pc system. It is an embedded system with
very low memory few MBs. Most of the time only 4-5 MB memory is free (as
shown using free command). I have an application that periodically (every 20
sec) fires rsync command from system command i.e. system ("rsync..") to a
remote m/c connected to it. The data I have to rsync has hardly 60 files
with total size of 4MB.
My problem is that even with this short file list and such small sized
files, system leads to OUT OF MEMORY error within 2 hours killing my
application and many other applications!
Is there any solution? Should I look for some other tool which is equivalent
for rsync but can be used for such small optimized transfers?

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