Rsync over windows remote desktop

Andre Zimmermann azimmer at
Thu Aug 30 13:53:22 GMT 2007


Not sure if any of you can help me with a rsync challenge I am having, but
here goes. I am trying to get two Windows XP professional computers to
synchronize using a windows remote desktop connection.  When remotely
connected to one of the computers from the other in Windows explorer the
folders and drives of both computers are visible.  However when I try to run
a Rsync script to make the contents of the folder on the local machine match
the remote machine I don't succeed.  Rsync does not know how to find the
remote desktop drives.  They are listed as system folders \\tsclient\C\.  I
have tried 
rsync -rvt "/cygdrive/f/andrestuff/AZPHD/test"
Which finds the folder on the local F drive without any problem but then
cannot find the remote drive. Note that the remote drive show up in Windows
explorer and the list of drives on 'my computer' as C on CHURLAB1 (the
remote computer is CHURLAB1).  
Thus I also tried 
rsync -rvt "/cygdrive/f/andrestuff/AZPHD/test" "/cygdrive/C on
But this gave me the same cannot find folder error.  

Is it possible to make use of Windows remote desktop connection to pass
files between computers with Rsync?  Any suggestions? Thanks, Andre

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