Rsync over windows remote desktop

Alain DESEINE alain.deseine at
Thu Aug 30 14:54:38 GMT 2007


I'm not a cygwin specialist, and i don't know if you can use UNC names with 
cygwin ... But as a workaround, you can simply map your network resource 
with a local drive by simply use the "connect a network drive" windows 
feature, then you can access it through its drive letter, like any other 
local drive.

I use this on some windows box, and it work well !

Hope this help ...


At 06:53 30/08/2007 -0700, you wrote:

>Not sure if any of you can help me with a rsync challenge I am having, but
>here goes. I am trying to get two Windows XP professional computers to
>synchronize using a windows remote desktop connection.  When remotely
>connected to one of the computers from the other in Windows explorer the
>folders and drives of both computers are visible.  However when I try to run
>a Rsync script to make the contents of the folder on the local machine match
>the remote machine I don't succeed.  Rsync does not know how to find the
>remote desktop drives.  They are listed as system folders \\tsclient\C\.  I
>have tried
>rsync -rvt "/cygdrive/f/andrestuff/AZPHD/test"
>Which finds the folder on the local F drive without any problem but then
>cannot find the remote drive. Note that the remote drive show up in Windows
>explorer and the list of drives on 'my computer' as C on CHURLAB1 (the
>remote computer is CHURLAB1).
>Thus I also tried
>rsync -rvt "/cygdrive/f/andrestuff/AZPHD/test" "/cygdrive/C on
>But this gave me the same cannot find folder error.
>Is it possible to make use of Windows remote desktop connection to pass
>files between computers with Rsync?  Any suggestions? Thanks, Andre
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