copying directory structure only (not the files) from a remote UNIX box using rsync

Tariq Shaikh tariq.a.shaikh at
Wed Apr 25 23:52:24 GMT 2007

I am trying to copy the directory structure only from the remote UNIX
box onto the box from which Im executing the rsync.

This is what I tried:
rsync -av --include '*/' --exclude '*' tashaikh at remotebox:/dw/etl/
prod/log/ /export/home/tashaikh/auto/log

The above keeps on executing without returning any result.

I have tried to copy directory structure from another directory on the
same machine itself . The one shown below works:
rsync -av --include '*/' --exclude '*' srcdir/ destdir

Please let me know if Im doing anything wrong while doing it with a
remote UNIX box.
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