--files-from=FILE problem

csarid csarid at yahoo.com
Tue Sep 26 18:56:01 GMT 2006

  I am trying to use the  "--files-from=FILE" option with rsync version "version 2.6.3  protocol version 28" When I try to use the following syntax, it returns a syntax or usage error:
  rsync -azrv --files-from=/home/dira/filelist.txt  remoteuser at remotehost:/remotedir
  I am also trying to use ssh with this which obviously yields an error also since the first part does not work
  rsync -azrv --files-from=/home/dira/filelist.txt -e "ssh -i /home/user1/cron/file-with-rsync-key" remoteuser at remotehost:/remotedir 
  Any help on the actual use of the "--files-from=FILE" option would be appreciated. 
  My goal is to create a list of files and directories that will be transfered and use it with the --files-from option in rsync. 
  Thanks very much!

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