--files-from=FILE problem

Matt McCutchen hashproduct+rsync at gmail.com
Tue Sep 26 21:58:53 GMT 2006

On 9/26/06, csarid <csarid at yahoo.com> wrote:
> I am trying to use the  "--files-from=FILE" option with rsync version
> "version 2.6.3  protocol version 28" When I try to use the following syntax,
> it returns a syntax or usage error:
> rsync -azrv --files-from=/home/dira/filelist.txt remoteuser at remotehost:/remotedir

--files-from does not take the place of a source directory.  Instead,
it provides a list of paths to follow under the source directory; a
path is treated as relative even if it begins with a slash.  So, if
you meant for remoteuser at remotehost:/remotedir to be the source, add a
destination, and if you meant it to be the destination, add a source
(perhaps "/" if you had absolute paths in filelist.txt).


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