Xattr on FreeBSD ... Good Luck ?

Wayne Davison wayned at samba.org
Wed Nov 1 21:38:25 GMT 2006

On Wed, Nov 01, 2006 at 03:59:06PM -0500, Ensel Sharon wrote:
> acls.c:735: warning: large integer implicitly truncated to unsigned type
> acls.c:1163: warning: comparison is always false due to limited range of
> data type

These are fixed in the latest version of the patch.  With 2.6.9 being
released in the very near future (maybe even today), you may want to use
the 2.6.9pre3 release or the latest "nightly" tar file instead of 2.6.8.
The xattrs code has been ported to work with OS X, so it shouldn't be
hard to add the code necessary to get it to work with FreeBSD.


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