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Thu Mar 23 00:33:56 GMT 2006

> And a performance question: would it be faster to pass the complete list
> of 
> datafiles to rsync in one fell swoop, for instance using --files-from
> rather 
> than running rsync individually on each one?

It would be somewhat faster to pass the entire list because you incur
the overhead of setting up the rsync process triangle once, not for
every file.  Furthermore, the rsync protocol is pipelined.  If you have
a network with high bandwidth but considerable latency, calling rsync
once will take advantage of the pipelining while calling it for each
file will wait for several network round trips per file.
Matt McCutchen

//**** lsk-> I would like to do rsync from a disk level by using
--files-from=FILE option. But the problem is what will happen if the network
connection fails the whole rsync will fail right. One advantage that I have
if do rsync file by file is if the network connection fails and comes back
alive the rsync will continue from the next file in the list while it will
fail on the other files when connection is lost.

Matt do you know how rsync would behave when I do rsync at disk level
traansferring all files using --files-from option and network connection
fails. I need to trransfer files that are on 40 drives abt (16000 files) I
am trying to find the best possible solution to transfer it as fast i can
without any issues.


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