Performance patch

Christian Hack christianh at
Mon Mar 20 09:57:55 GMT 2006

My bad. I found it in the INTERNAL section of the release notes. I was only
looking in ENHANCEMENTS. It appeared in 2.6.1 apparently.

    - Most of the I/O is now buffered, which results in a pretty large
      speedup when running under MS Windows.  (Craig Barratt)

Any suggestions on where to look to improve the performance?

> Did this patch ever make it into the rsync main code?

I ask since I'm having some performance issues running both clients and
servers under Windows (2003 Server and XP) particularly building the file
list. > Syncing 1.2 million files over 100MB LAN is taking around 8-9 hours
with no differences. Possibly that's normal. However at the same time it's
causing a disk IO bottleneck on the server and slowing down everything else.
The server (dual Xeon 3.2, 2GB RAM, RAID5 on 3 x 300GB 10k SCSI) is a
reasonably powerful as is the client (Dual P3 1GHz, 2GB RAM + RAID0 on 2 x
300GB IDE). I'm using a client software to pull from the server as an on
site backup.

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