Performance patch

Christian Hack christianh at
Mon Mar 20 09:37:13 GMT 2006

Did this patch ever make it into the rsync main code?


I ask since I'm having some performance issues running both clients and
servers under Windows (2003 Server and XP) particularly building the file
list. Syncing 1.2 million files over 100MB LAN is taking around 8-9 hours
with no differences. Possibly that's normal. However at the same time it's
causing a disk IO bottleneck on the server and slowing down everything else.
The server (dual Xeon 3.2, 2GB RAM, RAID5 on 3 x 300GB 10k SCSI) is a
reasonably powerful as is the client (Dual P3 1GHz, 2GB RAM + RAID0 on 2 x
300GB IDE). I'm using a client software to pull from the server as an on
site backup.
It's a bit hard to tell since the code has changed a bit since then
(probably for the better though). 

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