detect-renamed dosn't work?!

d.laffien at d.laffien at
Wed Mar 1 23:45:53 GMT 2006

Hi lhere, 

i'm trying the detect-renamed patch in 2.6.7pre2 in a really small
scenario. Having two dirs with some files rsyncing to destination. 

First I have no delete switches on, at least I will need them.
Heres the command I use:
rsync -e "ssh -i /root/.ssh/srv-key" -r -p -o -g -v -z -l -t 
 --detect-renamed --stats /root/test/ srv:/root/test --progress    (--fuzzy) 

When I rename a file in one dir it will completly transfered, until I make 
use of the --fuzzy switch, that will get it working. 

I had no luck in all my tries moving a file from the first to the parent or 
second dir, leaving the filename and then rsyncing without the need of a 
full transfer. Here --fuzzy will fail of course. 

I do not use --partial, but tried it also with giving a --partial-dir for 
the hard-links. 

At least I have to use some --delete option to keep the destination clean. 
Will --delete-before work due to hard-linking needed file for the 
 --detect-renamed option? 

What's wrong? 

Thanks in advance,
Daniel Laffien

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