Rsync dies with "Invalid file index:" error message

Frank Fegert fra.nospam.nk at
Tue Jun 27 20:06:51 GMT 2006


Frank Fegert wrote:
> Wayne,
> thanks for your prompt response!
> [self-inflicted pain snipped]

thanks for your help, but never mind! As usual, the problem
was sitting in front of the keyboard, between the headphones
For security reasons i use a wrapper script on the sending
machine, which is bound to the SSH-key used by the receiving
side to authenticate. The wrapper only allows rsync commands
and ends with the usual 'exit 0' if everything went OK. This
seems to confuse either SSH or rsync. As soon as i took out
the 'exit 0' at the end of the wrapper, all FS-rsyncs startet
to work out just fine.

Thanks & Regards,


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