not all files copied

Victor Shoup shoup at
Sat Jun 24 18:01:13 GMT 2006


I'm using rsync to copy and sync a directory of about 25,000 files
across two machines.
I used rsync to make an initial copy, from machine 1 to machine 2,
and then syncing back incremental changes from machine 2 to machine 1.
On the initial copy from machione 1 to machine 2, I found that a  
number of files failed
to copy, but that they were copied on a second try.
There were no warnings or errors on either run.

After that, I've been syncing incremental changes from machine 2 back  
to machine 1.
These sync's work on the whole tree, but very few files change each  
and all seems to work well.

Is this a bug?

Some more details:  machine 1 is a Unix box (a Sun, I believe)  
running rsync 2.6.6 as
a daemon.
Machine 2 is a Mac OSX v10.4.6.
To make things as easy as possible for rsync, the directory on the  
mac is
in a UFS partition.
The files that fail to copy are all funny ._ files placed there by  
(these files got placed there earlier when I was using machine 1 as  
an NFS share
from the MAC).  However, some funny ._ files did copy the first time,
and others didn't, and on sync-back to machine 1, such funny files  
seem to copy back.
So the problem appears to happen just on the initial copy of a large  
into an empty directory.

Some more details:  I've reproduced this failure-to-copy behavior using
the built-in rsync on the Mac (v2.6.3, no -E option!), as well
on the mac with a freshly built rsync v2.6.8.
The same thing happens using either version of rsync on the mac
just copying files locally!

Any body have a similar experience?

   -- Victor

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