[PATCH] --omit-dir-changes, qsort<>mergesort issues

Dirk Pape pape at inf.fu-berlin.de
Mon Jun 12 18:34:11 GMT 2006


--Am 12. Juni 2006 14:11:59 -0400 schrieb Matt McCutchen 
<hashproduct+rsync at gmail.com>:

> Separately, we should look into stable sorting.  Maybe, instead of
> replacing qsort with another sorting function, we can just keep an
> indication of the original order somewhere and use this order to break
> ties in file_compare().  If we can count on file_structs being laid out
> in memory in the order in which they were received, this tie breaking is
> as simple as comparing pointers.

yes - for me - that would be a much better solution. I tried to come with a 
patch proposal for that months ago but had no time to do this and to 
maintain this patch over releases (file_compare() has been changed from 
version to version).

We are working on another idea to acomplish this thing reliably without 
using rsync but unionfs as another tool to overlay the file system on the 
source and sync this one source fs to target. We are not yet ready with 
this and it would be much easier if rsync would guarantee deterministiv 
order by itself in a future maintained version.


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