Compare ignoring the size AND file suffix: (not/) compressed files in a directory tree

Francois Collard Francois.Collard at
Tue Jun 13 10:49:45 GMT 2006

Hello all,

Here, we use rsync for years to share software tests distributions
between from France
 to USA, Singapore and London, and all is working fine.

But to save space we also need to compress files depending on their
access time, and
on purpose uncompress automatically before use.

This makes rsync useless because it makes, of course re-transfer and
deletions. when a 
new file is detected because of compression. 

So, trying to automatically r'synchronize trees that can contain gzip
files on one side
I should find a way to a filter on .gz extenssion in name
 and use only date comparison (size nor content comparison). As .gz
files keep original dates.

But if you may have any hints or memory of a post on this, would be
great to me.
I'm sure some have or will have the same needs.

I will post my solution (ksh script) if you don't mind...when It'll be

Best regards,

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