filter/exclude confusion ???

helices helices at
Mon Jun 12 13:32:48 GMT 2006

I am running rsync -avz from [A], to pull a directory from [B].

I want to _exclude_ several directories on [B] from being pulled across.

Since these directories have short names, I hope that I can either
specify them inline rsyncd.conf on [B]; or, inline to the CLI on [A].

I am confused with man rsyncd.conf, where the manpage states:

    "it only applies on the daemon"

I have tried specifying this several ways, in the CLI on [A]:

    -f - /bragi/ \
    -f - /brono/ \
    -f - /jord/ \
    -f - /loki/ \
    -f - /odin/ \

_both_ before and _after_ specifying source and destination.

I know that the rest of the syntax I am using is correct, because
_without_ those filters, it brings everything across ;<

What am I missing?

Best Regards,

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