filter/exclude confusion ???

Matt McCutchen hashproduct+rsync at
Mon Jun 12 14:20:28 GMT 2006

On Mon, 2006-06-12 at 08:32 -0500, helices wrote:
> I am confused with man rsyncd.conf, where the manpage states:
>     "it only applies on the daemon"

Excludes in rsyncd.conf are meant for files that are in module
directories for reasons unrelated to the rsync daemon and that should be
inaccessible to all clients for security reasons.  These excludes are
not meant for directories that a certain client wants to skip pulling,
although they will achieve what you want.  I recommend specifying the
filters on the client instead.

> I have tried specifying this several ways, in the CLI on [A]:
>     -f - /bragi/ \
>     -f - /brono/ \
>     -f - /jord/ \
>     -f - /loki/ \
>     -f - /odin/ \
> _both_ before and _after_ specifying source and destination.

Rsync needs to see each filter as a single argument (e.g., "- /bragi/"),
so quote them for the shell:
	-f "- /bragi/" \
	-f "- /brono/" \
	-f "- /jord/" \
	-f "- /loki/" \
	-f "- /odin/" \

(Wayne: It would be good to mention this in the man page.  The attached
patch is one way to do so.)

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