DO NOT REPLY [Bug 3653] Silence 'vanished files' messages

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Mon Jun 12 08:55:20 GMT 2006

------- Comment #7 from count-samba at  2006-06-12 03:55 MST -------
Patching my copy would bar me from Debian (security) updates.

... btw, the script DOES NOT work as expected :(


mkdir a ; mkdir b ; rsync -r a b ; echo $? ; rm -rf a b
mkdir a ; mkdir b ; rsync-no-vanished -r a b ; echo $? ; rm -rf a b

... I found no way to fix that, and it breaks my whole backup scheme.

Thus, I would definitely say it's NOT easily fixed outside rsync, and would
still like the patch to be included - it's the only warning condition rsync is
noisy about, AFAIK :(

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