IO Timeout Error in file less than 3 MB

Wayne Davison wayned at
Mon Jan 9 05:34:24 GMT 2006

On Sun, Jan 08, 2006 at 12:38:51PM +0530, Vijay Ram.C wrote:
> Let me also make a not that i am using a old version of rsync
> ..version 2.4 series.  This is actually being used in the product..due
> to the less space the binary takes to execute..

How big is your file list?  If it is large, the per-file memory
optimizations in 2.6.0 and beyond will save a lot of memory.  If it is
not that big, then you're probably seeing a difference in buffer sizes
in the more modern versions, which you can change by editing rsync.h and
making some of the defines smaller (e.g. MAX_MAP_SIZE).

> io timeout after 55 second - exiting

Older rsync versions require that the receiver be kept busy doing
something during the timeout period, and it does not take into account
any activity going on between the generator and the sender.  A big file
can take a long time to get all the checksums from the generator to the
sender, and that can cause the receiver to timeout (again, on older

Your only options are to increase the timeout value or to upgrade to
rsync 2.6.6 on both ends of the connection.


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