IO Timeout Error in file less than 3 MB

Vijay Ram.C cvijay at
Sun Jan 8 07:08:51 GMT 2006

Hi all,

  I am having  a problem while sycing file. An error is given as follows:

                          "io timeout after 55 second - exiting".

 I have found this problem being posted in the mailing list previously. But after reading those mails,
 i understood that this problem occured only for files greater than 100M file size. But the file am trying
 to sync is of just 2MB. Let me also make a not that i am using a old version of rsync ..version 2.4 series.
This is actually being used in the product..due to the less space the binary takes to i cant go for 
the latest rsync version because of the space constraint. I have mentioned  the rsync commmand line 
options used and the error thrown by rsync below for your reference.

Rsync Command:

rsync -aI --stats --copy-links --temp-dir=/tmp/ --timeout=55 srcIp::srcPath/srcFile destPath/destFile

Error Given:

io timeout after 55 second - exiting

Can any bode help me or pointer me as to how can this problem of timeout be avoided ? 
That would be really thankful.

Thanks and Regards,
Vijay Ram.C
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