IO Timeout Error in file less than 3 MB

Vijay Ram.C cvijay at
Sun Jan 8 08:15:01 GMT 2006

Hi Tony,

Thanks for the fast reply. 

> The timeout depends on file sizes and network speed 
> and can even depend on cpu speed

We'll the file size is just 1.5MB. The same thing works on a different product with the same 
network speed and the network processor. (IXP420) is the processor being used. In that case, the file size being synced is 4MB. With the 4MB file i never got this error.

> network speeds probably now run from 300 baud to 10gigabit.
> Any rule of thumb makes a bunch of assumptions about what is "reasonable"
> Outside those boundaries, the rules of thumb are not much good.

> I'm not sure of the exact details, but seems like the timeout can refer to
> the amount of time without transferring, regardless of why.

> Trying to find the first difference in a long file  
> (rsyncing a long file changed (mostly) at the end)
> can be fairly cpu-intensive.

> Assuming nothing is broken, up the 55 seconds until you find something that works.
> Then add fudge factor for safety.

One more point which i would forgot to mention in my previous mail was, this error is also not consisten. It has been occuring
3 of 5 times..and i feel that is really to be bothered about.

Could you please tell me which way this problem can be avoided. ?

Thanks and Regards,
Vijay Ram.C

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