IO Timeout Error in file less than 3 MB

Vijay Ram.C cvijay at
Mon Jan 9 04:47:08 GMT 2006

Hi Tony,

> rsync -aI --stats --copy-links --temp-dir=/tmp/ --timeout=55 srcIp::srcPath/srcFile destPath/destFile

> I think I'd try it WITHOUT the 
> l of -al
> --copy-links
> --temp-dir=/tmp/

May i know why is it you would try it without "a" option in "aI". What difference would it make ? 

> I don't see how they'd do anything useful if copying just ONE file

> It's just possible you're sending something off on a wild-goose chase.

Actually, in this context RSYNC is used to update a redundant Network Box with the  actual one. Rsync in this context
syncs the configuration files required by the redundant box  which are used on a High Availbility System. So just one file would solve this purpose.

> 55 seconds is a long time to move something reasonably small.

> When it does work, how long does it take?

We'll ya i agree 55 is a long time for such a small file.But it still fails sometimes. The actual time taken while done successfully is
nearly 1min 45seconds. These files are actually read and written to flash. That's why it takes so long. The processor used on the 
network boxes are IXP425. Hope this information can hint you to give me some more options.
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