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Cyrille Bollu Cyrille.Bollu at
Wed Oct 19 07:58:03 GMT 2005


I would like to mirror data from 2 servers connected together via VPN over 
ADSL lines (dwn 2Mbps/Upld 512Kbps).

I'm sure rsync is one of the best tool to keep these data in sync but how 
should I use it to initialise the mirror? 

I'm currently testing the solution with 10Gb of data to keep in sync. But 
on my lines it would take more than 40 hours to initially create the 
mirror! And in production the data to keep in sync will reach 100Gb... :-(

So, I went with a laptop on the remote site and "scp -rp" the data on it. 
I then got back to my site and "scp -rp" it on the mirror to initialise 

But apparently I forgot something because when rsync still sends all the 
files from the remote site to my mirror when I first run it.

Does anybody has an idea about what I'm doing wrong?

Does anybody has a solution to this problem?


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