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"So you can do anything, any sort of synchronization between these two directories."

That statement cannot be logically accurate, however rsync does come astoundingly close.
That does explain WHY many of the options.
Further, options are required to determine what happens with incomplete or interrupted copies?

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>Dear RSYNC guys,
>As initially i found it really confusing setting up
>RSYNC done, but as i got 
>it through, I was really fascinated with it. So i
>decided to create a new 
>tutorial on my own regarding " UNDERSTAND RSYNC
>Direct link :
>I have explained with examples & figures to make it
>look more interesting & 
>clear. There i have explained about setting up
>anonymous RSYNC server & 
>RSYNC server with authenticating users.
>Do check the link & if found appropriate to be
>listed in your resources 
>list. Do it. So that it may be helpful for others.
>The Only reason i want my documentation to be
>listed in your resource list 
>is to make it to reach maximum nos of needful
>Thanks & regards
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