Want my RSYNC documentation link to be added to your resources list.

Amit Sharma amitsharma_26 at hotmail.com
Wed Oct 19 04:05:30 GMT 2005

Dear RSYNC guys,

As initially i found it really confusing setting up RSYNC done, but as i got 
it through, I was really fascinated with it. So i decided to create a new 
tutorial on my own regarding " UNDERSTAND RSYNC SERVERS & THEIR 

Direct link : http://www.amitsharma.linuxworld.com/rsync.htm

I have explained with examples & figures to make it look more interesting & 
clear. There i have explained about setting up anonymous RSYNC server & 
RSYNC server with authenticating users.

Do check the link & if found appropriate to be listed in your resources 
list. Do it. So that it may be helpful for others.

The Only reason i want my documentation to be listed in your resource list 
is to make it to reach maximum nos of needful users.

Thanks & regards
Amit sharma
Systems engineer
Indian express newpapers Ltd.

Tel : 91 - 99355-99366.

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