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Bob Hutchinson hutchlists at
Sat Oct 1 10:00:23 GMT 2005

On Saturday 01 Oct 2005 06:35, Gil Hardwick wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> I am a complete newbie to rsync. Last year I built and setup my own web
> server based on an old Intel PII box running at 333Mhz. There is plenty of
> RAM and HD space, but the site is now growing apace.
> A few weeks ago while upgrading my office equipment I set aside another box
> running an AMD Athlon at 1.1GHz. Still plenty of RAM and drive space.
> Both systems are setup us as servers running Fedora Core 3. I am happy with
> their performance but need to know how I can mirror the first server onto
> the second using rsync.
> I do not seem to be able to find any rsync folder or rsyncd.conf file
> on either, and
> have no idea where to start beyond reading the man pages.
> The service is a non-profit educational repository promoting history
> and local talent.
> Any help would be gratefully received.
> Kind regards,
> Gil

Another way is to set up ssh with keys and run rsync over that.
man ssh-keygen on how to generate keys. 

If you do this as root, place the public part ( on the receiving 
server (B) in /root/.ssh/authorized_keys, permissions 700 for /root/.ssh and 
600 for authorized_keys.

Test that it works with
ssh root at

Then you can mirror from anywhere on A to anywhere on B without passwords, 
without loss of security, through an encrypted tunnel, and no rsync config 

from A:

rsync -a -v -e ssh /home/ root at
rsync -a -v -e ssh /var/log/httpd/ root at
and so on

note the *single* colon.

the -a gives you archive mode, which will retain all your uid/gid, permissions 
and datestamps. If your /etc/passwd file on B uses the same uid/gid as on A 
it will all fall into place.

Bob Hutchinson
Midwales dot com

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