RSYNC doesn't like Unicode?

Paul Slootman paul at
Wed May 25 12:03:59 GMT 2005

On Wed 25 May 2005, Stuart Halliday wrote:
> Unicode isn't the reserve of the Chinese language. So I'm more concerned that no one else in the *Western* world hasn't came across this bug!
> I mean it doesn't appear to work with European accent characters does it?

Rsync couldn't give a toss what bytes are used in filenames. The names
are transferred as-is, and I've had no problems transferring filenames
with spaces, accents, strange non-printing characters in them with
rsync. That was between linux systems.

The common issue seems to be windows systems, as far as I can tell here.
Perhaps transferring files (or rather, filenames) between windows
systems with differing locales (or "language settings") is the problem,
and someone with intimate knowledge of how to manipulate filenames on
windows needs to investigate this. The problem seems to be that there
aren't too many people that fall into that category.

> Could there be hundreds of Rsync servers silently skipping those odd dozen or so files with the occasional foreign letter in them? ;-)


> Or maybe Rsync isn't used as much as we believe?

I believe it's used more than you might think.

Paul Slootman

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