RSYNC doesn't like Unicode?

Stuart Halliday StuartH at
Wed May 25 12:43:37 GMT 2005

Paul Slootman said:

> The common issue seems to be windows systems, as far as I can tell
> here.
> Perhaps transferring files (or rather, filenames) between windows
> systems with differing locales (or "language settings") is the problem,
> and someone with intimate knowledge of how to manipulate filenames on
> windows needs to investigate this. The problem seems to be that there
> aren't too many people that fall into that category.

I was using Rsync to copy favourites from one english UK XP sp2 machine to a Windows 2000 sp4 english UK machine.
No different language settings involved.

It just so happened that I had placed in my favourites some URLs with a few European characters in their name.

Something on Windows is tripping up Rsync that's for certain.

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