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Alexander Lamb Alexander.J.Lamb at sim.hcuge.ch
Tue May 10 12:53:12 GMT 2005


Since Tiger, we do not need to get RsyncX since the version shipped  
handles resource forks with the -E option.
However, I get some strange results.
Indeed, when I sync two directories (on the same machine for a  
start), if the files synched are regular Unix files (without  
resources) for example an XCode Java project with lots of Java files,  
everything works fine. Between two syncs, only the modified files get  
transfered. If I execute the command after 5 minutes, nothing being  
changed, as expected, nothing is transfered.

But, the exact same test on a directory with .graffle, .pdf, .doc,  
files creates some problems. Files are initially transfered ok. On a  
second run 5 minutes later, some files get copied again but I see no  
logic associated with that (I didn't modify any file).

I am simply using:

rsync -EaH --progress /dirA/ /dirB

Any idea what is going on?

Alexander Lamb
Service d'Informatique Médicale
Alexander.J.Lamb at sim.hcuge.ch
+41 22 372 88 62
+41 79 420 79 73

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