[Bug 2696] Filenames with non-english characters are displayed as '?'

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Tue May 10 16:42:35 GMT 2005


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------- Additional Comments From wayned at samba.org  2005-05-10 09:42 -------
Please try out one of the nightly tar files from the rsync web site (or the
upcoming 2.6.5 pre-release).  It obscures fewer characters (since rsync now uses
the user's locale information), and those that it tweaks are escaped using
backslash escapes that allow the filename to be reconstructed by a script, e.g.:

    $filename =~ s/\\(\d\d\d|\\)/ $1 eq "\\" ? $1 : chr(oct($1)) /eg;

See also the --log-format option for a better way to get the list of filenames
that rsync has operated on (rather than depending on the --verbose output) and
the -i option (an easy way to specify --log-format="%i %n%L") for more
information, and the "%o" escape as an alternative to "%i" (if you don't want
tweaked, but not-transferred files to be logged).

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