Rsync 2.6.4pre4 released (2.6.4 imminent!)

Erik Jan Tromp betageek at
Tue Mar 29 08:52:35 GMT 2005

On Mon, 28 Mar 2005 23:16:59 -0800
Wayne Davison <wayned at> wrote:

> I've released rsync 2.6.4pre4.  I believe that this version will be what
> gets released as 2.6.4, hopefully on Wednesday.  Please try this out
> and let me know if anything is amiss.


I just noticed an oddity when using --dry-run. There are literally thousands (4018, to be exact) of '^M 0 files...' with a random mix of '^M 100 files...' (49) & '^M 200 files...' (18) printed after the stats display. This is on a set of 36482 files.

The commandline used (long, sorry about messy linewrap):

rsync --archive --compress --hard-links --partial --progress --sparse --verbose --delete-after --dry-run --include /slackware-8.1 --include /slackware-9.0 --include /slackware-9.1 --include /slackware-10.0 --include /slackware-10.1 --include /slackware-current --exclude "/*" rsync:// /pub/mirrors/

As I don't know which rsync version osuosl has deployed, I also tried against a private mirror run by a friend (/me waves to nameless :) which uses 2.6.3. With the trivial exception of directory timestamp differences, the output is the same (re: '^M 0 files...' a few thousand times).


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