Strangeness with rsync

Clay Goss ClayGoss at
Tue Mar 8 19:30:26 GMT 2005

On Tue 08 Mar 2005, Paul Slootman wrote:
>Did you cut and paste the filename from the ls output, or did you try
typing it in when you tried the cat?

Actually, I used the shells auto-complete via tab and I did not type the
"'", the shell did.

>Yes, it most probably was not a "normal" single quote, but e.g. an
apostrophe.  Try doing 'ls -b' next time.

The shell DID show the "'", it was not a non-graphic character, so I don't
know that the ls -b would have shown anything in my case, but I will keep it
in mind for next time.  Nevertheless, I know "what" to look for next time
and should be able to deal with it or ignore it as time and circumstances

On Tue 08 Mar 2005, Kevin wrote:
>It appears as though instead of it being random files, it's the same 18
files every night.

Perhaps I miss represented my situation when I stated "randomly chosen"
files.  With files coming and going on systems, I perhaps wanted to believe
it was "random" but very much doubt it is.  I would try the ls -b on your
files to see what it might reveal.

Take care,
Clay Goss

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