Strangeness with rsync

Paul Slootman paul at
Tue Mar 8 16:29:01 GMT 2005

On Tue 08 Mar 2005, Clay Goss wrote:
> Subject: RE: Strangeness with rsync

> Ok. I have done some experimenting with the ""file has vanished:" problem.
> The most recent file I had exhibiting this problem was named:
> "University Student's Realty Associates Power Point.ppt"
> It did not exist on the receiving side of the rsysc after the run.  I
> manually created the mount to the windows PC share and navigated to the
> file.  I could list it with "ls" but could not "cat" it - got an error that
> "The file did not exist."

Did you cut and paste the filename from the ls output, or did you try
typing it in when you tried the cat?

> Just for giggles, I named it back to:
> "University Student's Realty Associates Power Point.ppt"
> It rsynced fine and now I can access it through the mount from a shell
> terminal.  There are many files on the "source" system with "'" in their
> name, so I know the problem is not the using of the "'", but rather with how
> it is coded.
> Perhaps, this is related to other posts concerning "8bit" vs. "UTF8" vs.
> "iso8859-1" vs. etc. character coding.

Yes, it most probably was not a "normal" single quote, but e.g. an
apostrophe.  Try doing 'ls -b' next time.

Paul Slootman

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