Getting a list of transferred/deleted items

Christoph Biedl cbiedl at
Tue Mar 8 00:08:51 GMT 2005


As far as I can see there's no option to get a list of files/directories/
whatever that have been transferred. This is not exactly the same as the
--verbose output for two reasons: At first the -v output has been
sanitized to avoid terminal confusion, second this might be hard to
parse since it contains other information, too (nitpicking: Does
"deleting foo" mean that the file "foo" has been deleted or that
a file name "deleting foo" has been transferred?).

I'd like to do a postprocessing of all items that have been transferred.
This requires an option to create a list of these items, null-delimited
for obvious reasons. A similar list could contain all items that have
been deleted on the receiver side. Their names could be
--list-transferred0=FILE and --list-deleted0=FILE.

Is anybody else interested in this? Then I'd improve my patch from the
current works-for-me state and submit it.


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