Rsync 2.6.4pre2 released

Paul Slootman paul at
Tue Mar 1 15:44:07 GMT 2005

On Mon 28 Feb 2005, Wayne Davison wrote:

> I've released rsync 2.6.4pre2.  It was a little sooner than expected,

A couple of things in rsync.1:

  - the old -c, --checksum line hasn't been removed.

  - there's a -C without enclosing \fB and \fP

In rsyncd.conf.1:

  - you replaced behaviour with behavior. I prefer the former (having
    been to an English school :-)

  - %o for the operation, which is "send", "recv", or "del\&."
    The period after the del should probably be outside the quotes?

Paul Slootman

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