rsync 2.6.6 nasty bug?

Jon Nelson jnelson-rsync at
Sat Dec 10 16:05:59 GMT 2005

On Sat, 10 Dec 2005, Wayne Davison wrote:

> On Fri, Dec 09, 2005 at 08:06:26PM -0600, Jon Nelson wrote:
> > rsync -avvvvv --delete-excluded --exclude-from=excludes \
> >   -e 'ssh' remote_machine:
> I see no destination directory there, so is that command just listing
> the remote files?  The verbose output you mention later seems to be
> trying to transfer a file, so I think you left something out.  I'm going
> to assume that you left out a local source directory because that's the
> only scenario that makes sense to me.

You are right! I did mis-transcribe. Mea culpa. However, it's really 
there (just not in my email):  The source directory is /home/jnelson.

The important thing is with the 2.6.3 binary everything works fine, and 
with the 2.6.6 binary it breaks, with the only thing changing between 
invocations being the binary.  I can supply you with straces or portions 
of straces.

> Would you please double-check rsync's version on both machines?  I 
> can't get rsync to fail, so I'm left to assume that the server side 
> really has a version that is somewhere in between 2.6.3 and 2.6.4 (in 
> that it could say that it supports protocol 29 when it doesn't 
> really).  If so, either upgrade the server version or re-compile its 
> current in-between-releases source with the rsync.h define 
> "PROTOCOL_VERSION" set to "28", not "29".

I've confirmed that the source is in fact 2.6.6.
I definately see the rsync's negotiate protocol version 29.

Jon Nelson <jnelson-rsync at>

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