which files were newer and not transferred?

Ian! D. Allen idallen at idallen.ca
Fri Sep 10 14:25:00 GMT 2004

I almost always use "-u" with rsync so that I don't overwrite remote
files that have changed.  The only way to get rsync to tell me which
remote files are "newer" is to use a double-v (-vv), which produces way
more output than I care to see.  (In true Unix fashion, I don't care to
see what was done successfully; I only want to see what failed.)

I've always had to run the output of "rsync -uvv" through various
sed/egrep pipelines to remove the stuff I don't want.  (If I turn on
the --progress meter, the output gets really interesting to parse!)

I'd love to see a "show me which files did not get transferred because
they were newer" flag that means I can avoid parsing the huge -vv output.

If the maintainers agree, let me know and maybe I'll dig in to the code
to try to figure out a patch to make this possible (unless you get to
it first).

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