Rsync 2.6.3 not releasing memory under Mandrake 10 Official

Jason Cox jason.cox at
Tue Oct 5 07:38:42 GMT 2004

	I have been having trouble with a Mandrake 10 Server.
When I copy from one server to another I find that on completion of the
Rsync command that the system still reports back that the memory is in use
( aprox 1 gig ). I have installed 1.5 gig of ram into the server and it made
no difference. On the latest occasion I dropped back to single user and It
didn't release the memory. There doesn't appear to be any entry's under
/proc for Rsync or the high  memory use. The only solution I have is to
reboot the server  each time a Rsync task is run.
	This problem also existed with the version of Rsync that shipped with
Mandrake 10.

Server specs

Athlon XP 2400+
1.5 Gig ram
340 gig HD
100Mbit Ethernet
2.6.3-7 Mandrake kernel ( UP-enterprise)

I can supply further information if required


Jason Cox
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