Rsync 2.6.3 not releasing memory under Mandrake 10 Official

Paul Slootman paul at
Tue Oct 5 08:06:34 GMT 2004

On Tue 05 Oct 2004, Jason Cox wrote:

> 	I have been having trouble with a Mandrake 10 Server.
> When I copy from one server to another I find that on completion of the
> Rsync command that the system still reports back that the memory is in use

When a process goes away, any memory that process may have used is

> ( aprox 1 gig ). I have installed 1.5 gig of ram into the server and it made
> no difference. On the latest occasion I dropped back to single user and It
> didn't release the memory. There doesn't appear to be any entry's under
> /proc for Rsync or the high  memory use. The only solution I have is to
> reboot the server  each time a Rsync task is run.

You don't show any concrete examples of how you determined this memory
usage. I get the feeling you may be fooled by the way linux uses
available memory for the buffer cache etc..  So, please show the
commands you're using to determine that the memory is not being freed,
together with the output of those commands.

Paul Slootman

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