Urgent: rsync hangs with large directories from windows

Manfred Rebentisch MRebentisch at comparat.de
Fri Nov 5 18:56:28 GMT 2004

Am Freitag, 5. November 2004 18:48 schrieb Wayne Davison:
>On Wed, Nov 03, 2004 at 09:32:25AM +0100, Manfred Rebentisch wrote:
>> But first I want to know, if somebody knows, where the point of
>> failure is.
>That is not yet known.  I can't preproduce the problem locally, so I
>can't debug it.  One industrious user provided some system call
>information leading up to the hang, and it looked like rsync was in the
>right state to continue, but nothing was happening.  The only thing we
>don't know is if there was any outstanding, unflushed data in the output
>buffer (which is one possible way that rsync could hang).  If that isn't
>the problem, then the bug might be external to rsync.  Since rsync
>doesn't hang in daemon mode, I'm leaning towards the external-to-rsync
>explanation, but it might still be rsync's problem.
>Any help you can provide in tracking down this problem would be much

Thank you for your answer.
I can get some more traffic from windows (~ 300MB), if I use "-r -t" instead 
of "-a" in rsync call (from linux-server). But then it hang again.

I think, that it might be a problem, how to make the windows exe. I got the 
rsync.exe from cwRsync-Package. I don't know, from which sources, don't know 
with which options and libraries and stacksize... I think, it is a problem of 
the combination under windows. Between Linux-computers I can easiley transfer 
300.000 Files with one command.


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