[Bug 1985] rsync hangs reading pipe

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------- Additional Comments From wayned at samba.org  2004-11-03 13:21 -------
The generator is smart enough to avoid the named pipe, but the receiver is doing
a much cruder, duplicate search to try to deduce what basis file the generator
selected.  The proper fix is to start having the generator tell the receiver
what basis file it used, thus avoiding the duplicate search, any potential
confusion caused by selecting the wrong basis file, and (of course) this
named-pipe bug.

I just checked in a new version of the patches/g2r-basis-filename.diff into CVS
that optimizes the flushing of the buffered I/O (which was the one thing I
wanted to finish before considering the patch for inclusion on the trunk).

So, this improvement will be checked into the trunk very soon now.  If you'd
like to try out the patches/g2r-basis-filename.diff, feel free.  It needs some
robustness testing before being inflicted on an unsuspecting world, however.

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