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cwRsync package has a batch file example that corrects permissions problem
at client side. However, this is not the case for the server part.  You
have to manually set a system-wide variable CYGWIN to nontsec and restart
cwRsync service after correcting permissions as you like.

Have a look at

In short :

Right click My Computer Go to Properties Go to the Advanced Tab Click
Environment Variables In the bottom section (System variables), add the
new entry: CYGWIN, with value nontsec Restart the rsync service Make sure
the folders you are uploading to have the permissions you want the files
to inherit. Doing this, I’ve found the uploaded files get the correct

Rgrds Tev

cwRsync maintainer

NB! cwRsync package does not handle this automatically, because I don't
want to disturb an existing cygwin installation. Maybe, it's time to offer
it as an option.

> Hi all,
> I'm rsyncing a windows 2003 client to a windows 2003 server using the
> cwrsync installation package.
> The trouble is that the permission rights set by rsync on the destination
> server are very restrictive
> and don't allow another application to access the files. I'd like to
> change that.
> However, the GID and UID parameters in the rsyncd.conf file don't seem to
> manage that. With
> the rsync service running as a user or with the system account, it doesn't
> change the permissions
> the way I want it. I haven't found clear explanations in the web or the
> mailing list archives (it looks
> way too much linuxian to me !).
> So, questions :
> Is the cwrsync package enough to manage permission rights or do I have to
> use the complete
> CYGWIN thing ?
> If the cwrsynvc package can handle it, how can I set the permissions I
> want (or at least make
> the destination directory inherit from the permissions set) ?
> Advices And Answers Are Always Appreciated.
> Stéphane Rohart
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