cwRync and Windows permissions

Stephane Rohart ROHART at
Mon May 10 09:48:02 GMT 2004

Hi all,
I'm rsyncing a windows 2003 client to a windows 2003 server using the cwrsync installation package.
The trouble is that the permission rights set by rsync on the destination server are very restrictive 
and don't allow another application to access the files. I'd like to change that. 
However, the GID and UID parameters in the rsyncd.conf file don't seem to manage that. With
the rsync service running as a user or with the system account, it doesn't change the permissions
the way I want it. I haven't found clear explanations in the web or the mailing list archives (it looks
way too much linuxian to me !).
So, questions :
Is the cwrsync package enough to manage permission rights or do I have to use the complete 
CYGWIN thing ?
If the cwrsynvc package can handle it, how can I set the permissions I want (or at least make 
the destination directory inherit from the permissions set) ?
Advices And Answers Are Always Appreciated.
Stéphane Rohart

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